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Henchman 3 Adjustable Tripod Leg Platform Ladders

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The ideal replacement for the traditional stepladder for all indoor and outdoor projects at height on uneven, sloping ground steps or hills - with three adjustable legs this Henchman makes almost any surface safe and easy to work on. Suitable for both soft and uneven ground, carry out your garden and DIY tasks in a wobble-free manner, whether that’s indoors or outdoors, come rain or shine. The tripod’s legs can be individually adjusted and its claw-like feet have a solid grip into the ground, providing complete stability while you’re pruning trees and hedges, getting creative with topiary or simply cleaning windows. A fully adjustable tripod ladder with extendable legs Each leg can be extended by at least 18 inches/45cm and can be placed easily in any position, allowing you to adjust for inclining or declining ground to keep your ladder level, so you can safely reach those awkward branches with ease. Henchman Tripod Ladders can cope with level changes up to 80% more than other ladders you’ll find on the market, allowing you to get close and personal with your work and ensure there’s not a single leaf out of place. Our Fully Adjustable Tripod is next level in terms of your safety. The legs are secured by our NEW patent pending hedge-proof locking pin. To adjust the legs, simply twist and release the handle, then pull to unlock the pin. Release the handle and it will click back into place, twist the handle back into its close position, and your ladder legs are locked and ready to support you as your work. Generous space with our comfortable platform Our innovative platform gives you enough space to work on safely and comfortably. With a size of 7”/ 18cm, your feet are placed firmly on the platform and your knees are tucked into the frame, with your body leaning against the hip height guard rail so that you can work hands free in a stable position. A wobble-free experience, guaranteed. Our 3-leg adjustable tripod ladder comes with an increased guardrail height for another layer of stability, providing more freedom to move about and work hands-free.   The ONLY fully adjustable tripod ladder certified to UK safety standards The UK and EU have strict standards called EN131, which cover a range of requirements set by industry experts to help you choose a ladder that’s proven to be safe. The standards require annual testing by an independent testing house for the ladder's stability, grip, dimensions, safety labelling and the safe working load of 150kg - 50% more than some competitors. When it comes to EN131 standards, you may see phrases like ‘conforms’, ‘tested’ or ‘built to’ EN131. However, these terms can suggest that the ladder is not fully tested - it could have the right dimensions but the working load may not have been safety tested, for example. Our 3-adjustable leg ladder meets the full specification, meaning you can be confident that your Henchman ladder will keep you safe.   What jobs is the 3-leg adjustable tripod ladder suitable for? The Henchman 3-Leg Adjustable Tripod Platform Ladder is designed to keep you safe during a wide variety of garden and DIY projects, including:
  • Trimming hedges
  • Pruning roses and shrubbery
  • Climbing trees and flower maintenance
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Decorating around the house
  • Reaching high ceilings and skylight windows
  • Caravan and Motorhome cleaning
Key Features
  • Improved platform - the ladder platform is now deeper to provide more leg room, and the higher guardrail feels more secure when leaning against it.Increased adjustability - now up to
  • 80% more adjustability than our original tripod ladders
  • Safer, more durable mechanism on all legs.
  • Increased strength and rigidity - the re-engineered larger legs are 15% stronger than our previous adjustable tripod, improving the rigidity for an even more stable experience.
  • Kitemark certified to EN131.
  • Built to keep you safe when working at heights on uneven ground
  • 100kg maximum load.
Max Load100kg
Class Use DIY / Trade
Warranty5 years
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