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Ladders head For Heights

Anyone who has seen the film about Frenchman Philippe Petit who wire-walked between New York’s Twin Towers eight times, 1,350 feet above the ground in 1974 might think climbing ladders, step ladders or loft ladders is a piece of cake. But for those out there who suffer from a fear of heights, even climbing up their loft ladders can pose a problem.

Ladders: Facing your Fears

The movie Man on Wire is bound to leave the majority of people feeling dizzy. Unlike ladders or scaffold towers that offer support and safety, walking on a wire at such mind boggling heights is to most of us, crazy. And yet, for some, scaling heights is the ultimate adrenaline rush evidenced by the many adventurers climbing, or attempting to climb, Everest. But what if you do suffer from a fear of heights but need to climb ladders to fix your roof, or you want to convert your loft into a spare room or study, and have to face the daily climb up and down your loft ladders? And if you work in the construction business, scaffold towers are a fact of life. In fact, a fear of heights can not only stump you in your home and at work, but it can impact on your holidays and stop you enjoying challenges such as taking a ski lift or climbing to the top of a lighthouse to check out the views.

Climb your way to Success

Combating a fear however can leave you feeling liberated and confident ę²„eing you to move forward in life. Loft ladders are increasingly sought after as the credit crunch pushes more people into expanding their existing homes rather than facing the shaky property market. Don’t let your fear of heights hold you back. Being able to climb ladders, step ladders, loft ladders or scaffold towers is often a practical necessity in life. And by undergoing a fear of heights course, it means you won’t be denied the view from the Eiffel Tower or the thrill of a bungee jump į³ well as leaving you equipped to change a light bulb, fix a roof slate or enjoy your new loft.

Ladders, Step Ladders, Loft Ladders: Health and Safety

If you really want to combat your fear, there are dedicated courses combining neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and an aerial assault course, designed to cure your fear. Although when climbing ladders, step ladders, loft ladders or scaffold towers, having a natural fear is healthy. Our minds are alerting us to the fact that we need to take care as heights are a potential danger. But if you follow the basic health and safety procedures there is no reason why you can’t safely scale your ladders. Investing in strong ladders, step ladder or loft ladders that are secure and trusted, wearing slip resistant shoes, ensuring the space below your ladder is free from obstructions and avoiding climbing ladders in strong winds or adverse weather conditions are crucial for safety. But if you’re feeling dizzy because of a fear of heights you are putting yourself in danger.

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