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A professional aluminium ladder for a wide variety of applications. It can be used as a leaning ladder, an extension ladder or a free-standing one. There’s no better tool for professional users who seek the highest standards of safety and durability. The ladder offers perfect stability on uneven surfaces. The light-weight structure facilitates carrying the ladder around and putting it away when not in use. It conforms with the strictest safety and quality requirements specified in the EN 131 standard. The strong side rails are made of 25 x 58 mm profiles for eleven-rung and lower models and 30 x 75 mm profiles for twelve-rung and higher models. The rungs are attached to the side rails by press-forming, which guarantees the ladder’s original parameters will not deteriorate for years to come. The ladder is equipped with additional non-slip features, such as plastic feet and corrugated rungs.
  • Versatile use as a leaning, extension and free-standing ladder
  • Professional two-element ladder PRO is a perfect work tool for specialists looking for the highest standards of safety and durability
  • Stabilizer mounted only with screws! Profile 60x20 [mm]
  • Rungs with a 28x28 [mm] profle have grooves, attached to the profile with a strong pressing system
  • Clamp-on anti-slip feet and bumpers make it easy to set the ladder in a free-standing position
  • Robust hooks, painted keeper and automatic locks
  • Load capacity max. 150 kg
  • Quality EN 131
Max Load150kg
Class UseProfessional and Non-Professional
ClassBS EN131
Warranty1 Years
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