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Dolle SW40-5 Timber Folding Loft Ladder (1200 x 600mm)


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Images for illustration purposes only! Loft ladder SW40-5 is a quality robust finish that is simple to install. The casing has a continuous rubber draught excluder to prevent draft and loss of heat from the home saving you energy. Improved U-value: 1,16 W/m2*K. Full assembled. DOLLE SW40-5 is a 3-section folding loft ladder with a 14 cm high hatch casing and a trapdoor with 34 mm insulation. The loft ladder is fully assembled which makes installation of the loft ladder quick and easy. It requires no headroom or storage space in the loft as the ladder sits in the hatch. The ladder is made of solid spruce, with non-slip treads for extra security, it has a quality finish with white trapdoor The DOLLE SW40-5 comes in standard width sizes: 550mm and 700mm. We manufacture these sizes specifically for the UK, the 550mm is design to fit between standard new build joist spaces, the 700mm can be used on homes built with a wider joist spacing. The DOLLE SW40-5 has a specially designed height adjustment system and is delivered with a wooden push/pull rod for easy operation. Produced according to EN 14975 by DOLLE in Denmark.
  • Supplied as a complete unit with a white faced trapdoor, timber casing and ladder for quick and easy installation.
  • Spruce ladder with 82mm deep non-slip treads folding into 3 sections.
  • Supplied with 1 x Red Metal Handrail as standard
  • Draught proofed and 34mm deep insulation to trapdoor.
  • Hidden trapdoor hinges are an added feature and make it easier to paint, varnish or stain the trapdoor.
  • Operating pole included.
  • Pair of plastic ladder feet (black) included.
  • Tested and certified to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).
  • Max working load: 150 kg.
Insulation 34 mm
Maximum Ceiling Height2.84m
Sections 3
No. of Tread12
Opening Size1.20 x 0.60m
Casing Size1.17 x 0.57
U-Value1.16 W/mK
Ladder Width0.40m
Ladder Tread Depth82mm
Ladder Tread Thickness28mm
Ladder Tread Width0.35m
Trapdoor Thickness40mm
Casing Height21mm
Casing Thickness84mm
Distance between Treads0.14m
Max Load 150kg
Hatch IncludedYes
Warranty1 years
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