Fibreglass Towers

Fibreglass scaffold towers can also be used to reach those all-important heights. Fibreglass towers are ideal for use where electrical hazards or chemical agents exist in an industrial or trade environment. Fibreglass scaffold towers are a non-conductive and non-reactive structure that offers safe insulation from any electrical power. They are also lightweight and stable so the end-user always has a safe working station.

Fibreglass scaffold towers are Zone 1 approved and certified for all electrical industries standards and offer a safe solution for specific areas of the industry where aluminium towers are unsafe to use.

Glass Re-enforced Plastic (GRP)

A Glass Re-enforced Plastic tower is a scaffold tower made from fibreglass. This means that the towers are non-corrosive and non-conductive, so they are safe for use when working at a height on electrical installations and repairs.

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Please visit our dedicated Scaffold Tower website and find the correct tower for your needs.