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Can I rest a ladder against a window?

Do the working at height regulations (WAHR) apply to DIY users?

How far can I extend my double or triple extension ladder?

What happened to the old British Standard Class 2 Trade ladders?

Can an EN131 extension ladder be separated into single ladders?

Is it safe to rest ladders against guttering?

How far above the roof of a house should the ladder clear to gain safe access?

How do I stop a ladder from slipping?

What angle should I use my ladder at?

Is it safe to drive with ladders strapped to the roof rack?

What are the advantages of buying combination ladders?

Which ladders include hatches?

Which ladders come with poles to open the trapdoors?

What measurements do I need to take to make sure I get the right loft ladder?

What is the best loft ladder if I’m restricted for vertical clearance within the loft?

Which loft ladders meet building regulations?

Do you offer installation service?

On a stepladder, is the platform counted as a tread?

Is it safe to stand on the platform of a stepladder?

Why should I buy glass fibre steps?

What is your standard delivery time?

Can you call me before your delivery is due?

Do you deliver at the weekend?

Does your price include a charge for delivery?

Will the courier leave item with my neighbours?

What happens if I’m out and miss the carrier?

How do I stop my ladder from slipping?

How can I transport my ladders?

What do you recommend for recording an inspection?

Can I use a harness on my ladder?

When should I use a scaffold tower instead of a ladder?

What if my ladder has a dent, or missing feet or rungs?

How often should I check my ladder?

The ladder standards are changing; can I still use my Class 1 ladder?

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