Dolle Toronto Exterior Spiral Staircase

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The Toronto spiral staircase has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With its use of galvanised steel It makes for a strong and compact design allowing the user to make a safe and comfortable climb each time.
Design available in 3 Diameters: 1250mm, 1400mm or 1550mm.
Complete with 11 treads & a landing tread (Standard Kit) - suitable for a floor to floor height up to 2760mm.
N.B. The Toronto stair kit can achieve lower floor heights by simply using less than the standard 11 treads + 1 landing tread that you are supplied with.
It can also achieve higher floor heights up to 4000mm with the use of additonal tread kits (see Heights Chart below).
Each Individual Rise is adjustable between 180mm to 230mm allowing you to achieve the staircase height you require.
The Toronto can be assembled to ascend clockwise or anticlockwise.
Unit has galvanised steel treads, steel centre column and a fixed steel balustrade positioned on the spiral's outer edge.
The balustrade supplied is made up of galvanised steel balusters and a flexible PVC handrail.
The landing tread is a triangular design complete with its own balustrade section.
Comes with fully illustrated assembly instructions.

Toronto - Technical Info
Diameter: 1250mm, Minimum Opening Size Required: 1350 x 1350mm, Individual Rise: 180 to 230mm
Diameter: 1400mm, Minimum Opening Size Required: 1500 x 1500mm, Individual Rise: 180 to 230mm
Diameter: 1550mm, Minimum Opening Size Required: 1650 x 1650mm, Individual Rise: 180 to 230mm

Toronto - Heights Chart
Floor to Floor Height: 2160-2760mm, No. of Treads: 11 + Landing
Floor to Floor Height: 2340-2990mm, No. of Treads: 12 + Landing
Floor to Floor Height: 2520-3220mm, No. of Treads: 13 + Landing
Floor to Floor Height: 2700-3450mm, No. of Treads: 14 + Landing
Floor to Floor Height: 2880-3680mm, No. of Treads: 15 + Landing
Floor to Floor Height: 3060-3910mm, No. of Treads: 16 + Landing
Floor to Floor Height: 3240-4000mm, No. of Treads: 17 + Landing

Toronto Stair Kit - Extras
Upper Floor Balustrade Kit - 1000mm - (Starter Pack)*
Upper Floor Balustrade Kit - 1000mm - (Standard Pack)*

* The Toronto Starter pack differs from the Standard pack as it is supplied with a corner piece allowing a 90 degree turn.
The Toronto Starter pack is used when beginning the landing balustrade at the top of the Staircase. If you require longer than one metre in a straight run then a Standard pack can be used in addition as a continuation of the balustrade.


Manufacturer Code: TOR
Hatch Included No
Stair Use No
Folding No
Work Tray No
Rope No
Wheels No
Stabilisers No
Handrail No
UK Manufactured No


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