Arke Civik Zink Exterior Spiral Staircase

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The Civik Zink Spiral Staircase for exterior use combines solidity and long durability with functionality. All metal parts are hot galvanised for protection against rust, making this staircase ideal for outdoor use. The standard kit (13 risers) has an adjustable height between 2520mm and 3050mm. It is able to reach a maximum height of 3760mm with the use of additional tread kits - See ''Civik Zink Stair Heights'' chart below.

Civik Zink Spiral Stair Kit - Information
Construction: Manufactued in Steel with a hot-dip galvanised Zinc finish
Stair Diameter Choice: 1200mm / 1400mm or 1600mm Recommended
Opening Size: 1200mm Diameter = 1250mm Opening
1400mm Diameter = 1450mm Opening
1600mm Diameter = 1650mm Opening
No. of Treads
(Standard Civik Zink Kit): 12 Treads + 1 Landing Tread
Handrail Type: Black extruded PVC
Balustrade Detail: 20mm Steel balusters with a hot-dipped Zinc finish
Tread Detail: Steel with a hot-dipped Zinc finish
Stair Fittings: Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
Optional Upper Floor Balustrade Kit: Supplied in a 1200mm length (comprises of 10 balusters, handrail & fixings)

If you require the Civik Zink Spiral Stair to comply with current Building Regs (except 1200mm diameter - see note below). We can provide Riser Bar kits. A Riser Bar is fitted to each tread of the Civik Zink so it conforms to the 100mm gap rule (distance between the treads not exceeding 100mm). - See ''More Views'' Images for example.

N.B. The Civik Zink 1200mm diameter Spiral Stair does not comply with current Building Regs. Due to the fact that the space between each baluster exceeds 100mm. This is not the case for both the 1400mm & 1600mm Civik Zink models.

Civik Zink Stair Heights
Staircase Height: 2100 mm - 2350 mm, No. of Risers: (13 - 3) = 10, Column Kits Required: 1*
Staircase Height: 2310 mm - 2580 mm, No. of Risers: (13 - 2) = 11, Column Kits Required: 1*
Staircase Height: 2520 mm - 2820 mm, No. of Risers: (13 - 1) = 12
Staircase Height: 2730 mm - 3050 mm, No. of Risers: CIVIK = 13
Staircase Height: 2940 mm - 3290 mm, No. of Risers: (13 + 1) = 14, Tread Kits Required: 1
Staircase Height: 3150 mm - 3520 mm, No. of Risers: (13 + 2) = 15, Tread Kits Required: 2, Column Kits Required: 2*
Staircase Height: 3360 mm - 3760 mm, No. of Risers: (13 + 3) = 16, Tread Kits Required: 3, Column Kits Required: 1
Rise adjustable from 210mm to 235mm

* These Supplementary Column Kits (Centre Post) measure 820mm in length and are required to replace the existing Column Kit (1250mm in length) provided in the Standard Civik Zink Stair Kit. In doing this the lower or higher floor heights can be achieved.

Civik Zink Spiral Stair Kits Available
Civik Zink Stair Kit - 1200mm Diameter - 13 Risers
Civik Zink Stair Kit - 1400mm Diameter - 13 Risers
Civik Zink Stair Kit - 1600mm Diameter - 13 Risers
Additional Tread Kit (1200mm Diameter)
Additional Tread Kit (1400mm Diameter)
Additional Tread Kit (1600mm Diameter)
Supplementary Column Kit (Centre Post) - 820mm in length
Upper Floor Balustrade Kit - 1200mm in length
Riser Bar Kit with 12 bars


Manufacturer Code: CZE
Hatch Included No
Stair Use No
Folding No
Work Tray No
Rope No
Wheels No
Stabilisers No
Handrail No
UK Manufactured No


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